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Iowa Speedway

  • "We here at Iowa Speedway have found Proctor to go beyond the call of duty by staying on time and keeping to the budget. We have been very impressed with Proctor with their ability to keep to very stringent timelines and to be able to work under tight schedules."

  • "This is one of the only tracks around the country that's finally got the funding, got the right design group, got everything put together to make this a world-class track."

  • "This is a very high profile project for the state of Iowa and I'm proud to be leading the Proctor Mechanical Corporation team. I think the Iowa Speedway is going to be a great success, as there are thousands of race fans in Iowa."

  • "This is a signature facility for the entire state of Iowa. Newton needs some good news, and this can be helpful."

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Des Moines Library

  • "I can confidently recommend Proctor Mechanical for any project, no matter how complex the scope."

  • "The entire staff of Proctor Mechanical was outstanding, providing leadership and solutions to complex issues of..."

  • "Deliveries were always ahead of schedule and Proctor’s work never held up other trades."

  • "What Proctor Mechanical brings to the jobsite is nothing short of exemplary leadership at all levels..."

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Great River Medical Center

  • "Proctor Mechanical was selected as a team member because of their vast experience..."

  • "Proctor Mechanical consistently demonstrated organizational strengths..."

  • "Get behind Proctor and follow them."

  • "I am pleased to recommend Proctor Mechanical for a project of any size and of any complexity."

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Camp Dodge STARC Armory

  • "I am pleased to recommend Proctor Mechanical..."

  • "Proctor Mechanical was a critical part of the success of this project..."

  • "Proctor Mechanical offered distinct leadership on the construction team."

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Iowa State Capitol

  • "Proctor Mechanical Corporation has brought valuable expertise to the construction team while successfully completing design solutions during the rehabilitation."

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Solvay Animal Health Lab

  • "Proctor completed their work within both budget and schedule and met the very stringent quality control standards for our industry. The success of this project has been highly commended by corporate management throughout our organization and professionals in our industry."

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Clarinda State Prison

  • "The performance of Proctor Mechanical, Inc. was exceptional on the Clarinda Prison."

  • "Coordination with other trades was extremely important and their field foremen and crews always were on top of the issues."

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Clarinda Regional Health Center

  • "Their work site was always neat and clean and the boys always had a professional look and attitude."



Blank Park Zoo - Discovery Center

  • "The entire staff of Proctor Mechanical was outstanding, providing leadership and solutions to complex issues of intergrading mechanical systems with the many other design elements."

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Craig Geppert


Connie Newlin

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