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Iowa Speedway Testimonials

A letter from:
Andy Vertrees, Chief Operating Officer
Iowa Speedway



To Whom It May Concern:


It is with great pleasure that I offer "kudos" to Proctor Mechanical for their invaluable contributions to the construction of the Iowa Speedway, a project that has been eagerly anticipated by a rabid fan base here in Iowa, and that will serve as an entertainment jewel in the state for years to come.


Work started on March 8, 2005, with a 451-day construction window. It is not hyperbole to say that the Proctor Mechanical crew was willing to go beyond the call day after day to see that the project remained on time and on budget.

We were all very impressed with Proctor Mechanical for their willingness to persevere and stick to our very stringent timelines, and to deliver impeccable products and services.


As we look forward to the first green flag being waved on September 15, I can honestly say we could not have accomplished this without professionals, the likes of those employed by Proctor Mechanical.




Andy Vertrees
Chief Operating Officer





A letter from:
Kevin W. Clemens, P.E.
Neumann Brothers, Inc.



To Whom It May Concern:


I am pleased to offer my positive comments regarding Proctor Mechanical, Inc., for their involvement in the recently completed Iowa Speedway, a $70 million development project of the U.S. MotorSport Entertainment Corporation in Newton, Iowa.

As General Contractor for the project, we subcontracted Proctor Mechanical to provide plumbing and HVAC for five (5) infield buildings, and Administrative/Maintenance building, five (5) concession buildings and two (2) large public restroom buildings.

Proctor Mechanical's commitment to providing pre-fabricated plumbing and ductwork to the jobsite was invaluable. Their pre-fab piping for the restrooms expedited installation and their plumbing side was awesome.


Proctor Mechanical also provided design-assist on the HVAC for these facilities. Their HVAC side did and excellent job with the ductwork design, layout and installation.


Of note, too, was the dedication of the Proctor Mechanical lead personnel on the Iowa Speedway project: Mike Bryant and Todd White. Both gentlemen were very hands-on and active in this project. The consummate professionals, they were accommodating to any changes that came up.


The contribution of the Proctor Mechanical crew certainly helped keep this highly-anticipated and publicized project on-time for its September 2006 opening.


Keving W. Clemens, P.E.

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