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About Us

Tom Proctor

Deborah Warner
HR Director, Safety Director


Our Mission

Proctor Mechanical is committed to exceeding our clients' expectations of quality, design, cost, schedule and safety by providing outstanding career opportunities through continuous team improvement.






Randy Merkle

Chief Financial Officer





Sonny Gannon

Supervisor of Field Operations





Zach Thompson

Project Manager





Rick Wald

Project Manager




Mike Stout

Project Manager



History of Proctor Mechanical

In 1932 Earl Proctor started in the plumbing and heating business focusing on plumbing and boiler service. Relying on his reputation for complete understanding of both steam and hydronic, systems he secured a solid business. After service in World War II, Earl's son Morey Proctor joined the firm and broadened the company's market to include larger commercial and industrial new construction projects. By the mid 1960's, Proctor Mechanical had established itself throughout Iowa working mostly on schools and institutional projects.



Joe and Mike Proctor joined the firm in the mid-1970s. Their early involvement helped Proctor Mechanical to become one of the first construction companies in the area to computerize its accounting, engineering and estimating functions.

By the time the farm crisis in Iowa had passed in the mid-1980s, Joe had become President and Mike was Vice President. Their interest in the work of W. Edwards Deming encouraged them to lead their company through the Total Quality Management process.

Since adopting TQM as an on-going process Proctor Mechanical's focus has shifted to highly-complex projects like biologics laboratories, hospitals, and sophisticated industrial applications.


Many of these projects have received recognition for quality including one National First Place for Quality; one National Second Place for Quality; eight Iowa First Place for Quality; three Iowa Second Place for Quality, and numerous safety awards.

Today when you partner with Proctor Mechanical on your project, you bring a company that works as a team. Each individual knows and plays their position and each encourages and helps their team members to succeed.

In 2018, Tom took over the firm after Mike's retirement. 

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