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Craig Geppert

To Proctor Mechanical Leadership Team,


I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that I greatly appreciate the fact that you have Scott on

your team. He recently replaced the boiler in our home. I appreciate the depth of knowledge that he

had with regards to our system and his loyalty to customer service.


Let me first start by saying that trying to find a company in the Des Moines area that is willing to service

a residential boiler is difficult. When we started having issues with our boiler system last year I had

probably around 6 different companies out to either service it or tell me that they can't help me. A few

months ago the boiler had caused a carbon monoxide build up in our home due to it "short cycling".

Luckily no one was home at the time but when I got home the fire department was already there. We

got the boiler cleaned by a local HVAC company which seemed to fix the issue temporarily. By the end

of February we noticed that we had gone through almost a thousand gallons of propane in roughly 3

months and saw that the boiler was starting to short cycle again so we shut it down to be safe.


The search then began to get it replaced. I briefly considered doing it on my own after having a couple

of other companies come out to bid me a new LAARS boiler unit. They sent their salesmen out who had

clip boards and tape measures. One sent me a quote but when I emailed him a follow up question I had

he never got back to me and the other never did send me their quote as promised. Then Scott came out

and took a look at the boiler and started to take it apart. I asked him if I would owe him for the service

of coming out and looking at it and he said to me "Of course not, but I need to know what's wrong with

it first and see if we can save it". A couple of hours later and talking to him I learned a lot about the

system I had and what was wrong with it but the unfortunate truth was that it needed replaced.


Fast forward a few weeks later and Scott came back over and replaced our boiler unit. He even came

back out the next day to make some adjustments and then came back out again to help me with some

other issues that I was having with my floor heat. This issue was unrelated to the new boiler but Scott

still helped me work through them.


My family and I truly appreciate the work that Scott and your company have done to our boiler system.

The peace of mind that we have now knowing we have a boiler that works safely and efficiently and also

having a company that can help us if we have issues with it is terrific. Please pass along my sincerest

thank you to Scott once again.





Craig Geppert

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