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Solvay Animal Health Lab

Location: Charles City, IA
Job Description: 30,000 SF New Construction
State-of-the-Art Biologics Production Facility for Veterinary Medicines
Contract Value: $2,200,000.00
Awards: ABC National First Place Award Mechanical Under $4,000,000 – 1995

Iowa First Place Mechanical Award Project of the Year – 1995


This project included 21 separate incubation labs, 5 autoclaves and associated systems, 2 steam pressure reducing stations, and a clean steam generator. The systems included stainless steel clean steam systems with all orbital welded seams. The labs have HEPA filtered 100% Fresh Air and Exhaust Air Systems.


The HVAC systems provided for an ultra-precise buildings environment with complete humidity and variable volume temperature control. This included a 10 micron Clean Room, polished deionized water, acid waste, and lab gas distribution to the multiple research laboratory centers.


In addition to the normal systems that were installed to support the buildings environment, this facility required installation of systems that supported the research lab. This included a 30 micron Clean Room, Deionized water, acid waste, and lab gas distribution. A total of six separate piping systems composed the entire project requirement.



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