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Camp Dodge STARC Armory

Location: Johnston, IA
Job Description: 230,000 SF New Construction, 600 person capacity
Contract Value: $2,945,710
Awards: Iowa First Place Mechanical Award Project of the Year — 1994


This project was built as a prototype of US Armed Forces Armories of the future. It not only serves as the National Guard Headquarters, but it also houses the vaulted Iowa Communications Network fiber optics equipment, requiring special temperature and humidity control. The facility includes offices for the commanding officers as well as the Governor. The facility is completely self-sufficient for a staff of over 600 people.



The project included two steam boilers, three chillers for 1200 tons of cooling, six built-up air handling systems with VAV zoning, and stringent humidity standards. The heating system is an in-floor radiant heating system with nearly 22 miles of tubing embedded in the slab.


Director of Construction, Captain Susan Vrzak, said of PMC in a letter commendation at the conclusion of the project that..."Proctor Mechanical offered distinct leadership on the construction team."

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