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Great River Medical Center

Location: West Burlington, IA
Job Description: 450,000 SF New Construction, Design/Assist, 1,342 Rooms
23,000 SF Additional New Construction
Contract Value: $180 Million


This project consisted of the newest in GeoThermal Technology with an on-site 15 acre lake providing the thermal source for a water source heat pump system. The lake has over 80 miles of 4 inch tubing providing the heating and cooling source for these systems.


The project consisted of over 1,300 total rooms which included Surgical Suites, Neonatal Suites, Laboratories, Research areas, and Trauma Care areas, in addition to the normal patient care areas.


The project had an aggressive 30 month schedule that was driven by the vision of the hospitals founders and accomplished by the construction team through the utilization of TQM principles and on-going communication.

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