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Heat Stress (Warnings, Signs, Treatment)

We all love the warm weather season, but working in extreme heat outdoors and indoors can have

serious dangers involved. It is a necessity to keep workers safe and aware of heat stress. Overheating on

the job can lead to multiple injuries and even death.

Warning Signs of Heat Stress

There are many different symptoms that are related to heat stress. One can feel the body start to

profusely sweat and become clammy. You may start to feel dizzy, too-- and all of these symptoms may

occur without your awareness, which could lead you to faint and/or collapse. These symptoms may also

come with a lack of concentration, fogginess in thought, and you may feel unable to communicate


Very serious cases of heat stress can lead to stroke, dehydration, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, and / or

heat rashes. These are all very serious and require urgent medical attention to avoid further damaging

the body.

If any of these heat stress symptoms are present, it is essential to act quickly and properly. Alert a

colleague immediately. If you see someone else in duress, help the individual move to a shaded cool

area and give them water. Please seek medical attention if condition worsens.

Factors that Cause Heat Stress

Here are some things to always consider when working at a jobsite or indoors:

Extreme temperatures and high humidity

Not drinking enough fluids

Prolonged exposure to the sun

Limited air flow


Improper clothing

Have a Proper Prevention Plan

In order to combat heat stress, you need to have a proper plan. A good plan can save the lives of your

workers or even yourself.

Water, Rest, and Shade should be readily available to workers. If necessary, modify your work schedule

or that of others to avoid very high temperatures. You should also make sure you train your employees

(and yourself) to know the Signs and Symptoms of Heat Stress.

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