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Keeping a Job Site Safe

Before work has begun

While staying safe on the job site is everybody’s responsibility, it is the project supervisor who must ensure that safety guidelines are followed. Here are some general recommendations:

  1. Create a Zero Tolerance Policy for project safety guideline violations.

  2. Consider conducting preplanning meetings with insurance companies.

  3. Participate in the development of site specific Project Safety Guidelines, a Fire Prevention and

Protection Program, Crisis Management Program, and additional safety programs as required.

  1. Create a Site Logistics Plan for the project.

  2. Conduct pre-construction safety meetings with all subcontractors prior to their start of work.

  3. Distribute site specific Project Safety Guidelines, Fire Prevention and Protection Program, Crisis

Management Program, and additional safety programs as required to each subcontractor before they begin work.

  1. Discuss with subcontractor their active participation in all accident prevention efforts.

  2. Set up the project trailer/office to be compliant with federal, state and local regulations.

  3. Provide the project trailer/office with a first aid kit, fire extinguishers, exit signs, and an evacuation route.

  4. Conduct a safety orientation for project staff.

During the job

After work has begun, project supervisors should do the following:

  1. Walk the job on a daily basis and pay special attention to any hazardous conditions.

  2. Conduct weekly coordination meetings with safety as the first topic of discussion.

  3. Distribute safety information to job staff, foremen and subcontractors once a month concerning safety.

  4. Solicit comments and suggestions relating to safety.

  5. Identify critical safety work activities.

  6. Identify conditions and/or actions that may affect the public and methods for correcting them.

  7. Require all persons employed on the job, General Contractor employees and subcontractors to

Wear hard hats and eye protection as a condition of employment

  1. Provide, require (and properly train where necessary) the use of personal protective equipment.

  2. Require that all subcontractors provide their employees with the proper safety equipment as per project safety guidelines, and federal, state and local requirements.

  3. Require that all contractors instruct the employees in safe and efficient planning of their work.

You can never be too safe on the job site. Keep safety in mind first and you will avoid costly problems rather than trying to address them after the fact.

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