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Breathe Easier - Commercial air purification systems

Today’s business owners and managers are increasingly concerned about the safety of their employees, which makes portable and fixed room commercial air filter purification systems a very smart investment.


Air pollutants represent a significant hazard in commercial and industrial facilities, such as manufacturing plants, restaurants, motels, warehouses, and office building to name just a few examples. If these pollutants are not removed, not only are employees placed at risk, your clients could be fined by OSHA or sued by an employee, etc. Maintaining good air quality in commercial and industrial settings, however, is very achievable with the proper air purifier or filtration system.

Standard features of a portable unit

Not all units are fixed (attached to the existing HVAC system), as portable units now represent an excellent solution for many environments. Most portable units feature several or all of the following characteristics:

• Compact and Lightweight

• Durable Stainless Steel Case

• Convenient Carrying Handle

• Self-Cleaning Components

• Timer (Includes a constant setting)

Ideal treatment applications

• Odors and Smoke

• Freshly Painted Homes and Offices

• Newly Vacated Real Estate Properties

• Pet Stores and Kennels

• Automobiles and Boats

How to choose

Choosing the correct type of industrial air cleaner comes down to several key considerations:

  1. What type of pollutant are you dealing with?

  2. What amount of pollution is normally created

  3. What is the square footage of the area?

If chemicals and gases need to be removed, you will need an air purifier with high-quality granular activated carbon.* If the pollutant is primarily dust, you will require a system with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arresting) filter.

*Not all carbon is the same, so be sure you understand the pollutants with which you are dealing and if the carbon is the right kind to absorb them.

If you have both particle and chemical pollutants, you must select an air purification system with both a HEPA filter and activated carbon, which means you need a motor powerful enough to cycle the air 6 times per hour.


When it comes to employee safety, portable and fixed room commercial air filter purification systems represent a cost-effective solution to hazardous situations. Ultimately, though, every situation is unique, so check current guidelines at

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