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 The Clemens Building



This project consisted of the renovation of a concrete framed historic commercial building into a 44 unit apartment building with commercial tenant space. 


Proctor Mechanical Corporation was responsible for installing two new grease interceptors outside the building footprint in downtown Des Moines. This pipe had to be routed around new systems in the building to serve the restaurant on the other end. The existing water service was removed and a new combination fire & domestic water service was utilized. 


During construction of the new apartment units, the restaurant on the first floor was operational. Any connections or interruptions to the plumbing service were carefully coordinated with restaurant operations. 


Due to the layout of the existing structure and new apartment units, Proctor Mechanical Corporation worked closely with the design team to provide the designer’s finished product without disturbing the existing structure. In many instances, the large concrete beams and columns obstructed the path of the plumbing system. All mechanicals in the space are exposed with the exception of a few select locations. Great care had to be exercised to install the plumbing in a way that would be pleasing to the eye. 



Due to the location of this project, there were no staging areas available. All material was staged on each floor manually as the project progressed. Elevators were not operational and space was not available to move materials with large equipment. 


Coordination with the other trades was critical to ensure staging of materials did not interfere with others. 

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