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Mary Greeley Medical Center / Bliss Cancer Center

Location: Ames, IA
Job Description: 87,000 SF 4-Story Cancer Center


This project is a 87,000 square foot four-story cancer center addition with a basement. it includes four new operating rooms, new link connection to McFarland Clinic, auditorium, conference rooms and exam rooms. It includes installing steam condensate, chilled water, and domestic water from the existing boiler plant underground across a busy loading dock area to the new addition. This work required precise coordination with the owner.


This project includes the addition of medical air plant, medical vacuum plant, three med gas manifolds, two master alarm panels four surgical med gas columns and numerous zone valve boxes and outlets. It includes steam and condensate, hot water supply and return, chilled water supply and return, domestic water, sanitary, waste and vent, storm, downspouts, med gas and natural gas piping.


Included in this project was a steam-powered condensate pump, humidifiers, heat exchangers, pumps and accessories, four air handling units 12,000 to 40,000 CFM, VAV boxes, fin tube, unit heaters, surgical sinks, and numerous plumbing fixtures.

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