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Confluence Brewery is located along a bike path in Des Moines, Iowa. This location was ideal for a patio bar on the building next to the bike path. Confluence Brewery was growing and made the decision to expand their operation, add a canning line for their beer, and add a patio bar next to the bike path to draw more customers. Confluence Brewery selected three contractors they had worked with in the past to submit proposals on their project. Proctor Mechanical Corporation was chosen to perform the work. 


The City of Des Moines required Confluence to install a 3,000 gallon grease interceptor to receive the waste from all the existing drains and future drains in the production area. The intended expansion was going to require additional water to support the existing and future phases of the expansion. The existing epoxy coated trench drains were rusting and required replacement. 


Phase 1 of this project started with setting a new 3,000 gallon grease trap and leaving space to install an additional 3,000 gallon grease interceptor. The only space available was near an overhead high voltage electric transmission line. The power company was at the site and all safety precautions were employed while setting the grease interceptor. A new Schedule 80 PVC grease waste line was installed throughout the existing facility and connected to existing trench drains, and installed to new trench drains, floor drains, and floor sinks. The (3) existing trench drains were replaced with custom stainless steel trench drains and additional custom stainless steel trench drains were added. The grease sewer was installed during non-business hours to allow the owner to operate without interruption. 


The expansion required additional domestic water supply. The new 3” domestic water supply was tapped off an existing 8” fire sprinkler riser. The fire sprinkler riser had to be reconfigured to accommodate a new 3” tap. Proctor Mechanical worked closely with the sprinkler contractor to accomplish this work with minimal shut down of the sprinkler line. A new 3” distribution line was installed throughout the existing facility to accommodate existing and future needs. When this line was ready to switch over, the work was performed on off hours with no interruption to the business. 


The existing natural gas line had been installed along the outside of the building and was in need of repair. This line was removed and a new 5 psi gas line was installed inside the building to accommodate existing equipment as well as new equipment. 


Phase 2 of this project was to relocate existing brewery equipment and tanks, add new equipment and tanks, and install a canning line. The additional equipment and tanks require wash down which required additional domestic hot water. The design was to install a large water heater, storage tank, and recirculation line. We suggested the use of instantaneous gas hot water heaters in series to satisfy the demand and cut energy costs. We installed (4) gas instantaneous water heaters with manifolds to accommodate two more for future expansion. These are installed along the mechanical room wall. This will allow the owner to save energy and freed up mechanical room floor space. The owner is extremely pleased with results to date. 


The new equipment and canning required additional trench drains, floor sinks, and piping which were done in this phase. 


Phase 3 was the addition of the patio bar. Two additional restrooms were installed. A bar with sinks and hand sinks was installed. These were all piped to sewer and water we stubbed in during Phase 1. 


Confluence Brewery and co-owner, John Martin, were a pleasure to work with throughout this project. John knew what he wanted and our foreman, Mike Bryant, delivered. They worked closely together to keep the business operating at all times. Proctor Mechanical looks forward to working with Confluence and John on many more phases. 

 Confluence Brewery 

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