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Gabus Family dealerships have been expanding in the Des Moines Area for several years. Proctor Mechanical Corporation has been assisting in constructing their growth for 4 years. When it came time to expand their Gabus Ford Dealership on Merle Hay Road, Proctor Mechanical was chosen as their mechanical contractor of choice. The expansion was a 2 level service addition and an addition of 2 car wash bays. 


The project was originally scheduled to begin in the fall of 2016 and be complete by July 31, 2017. The start date kept getting pushed back with no change in completion date. It did finally start in March of 2017 and was completed as scheduled on July 31, 2017. 


The project incorporated the use of waste oil boiler to heat water for an ice melt system for the car wash entrances. This boiler uses the waste oil from the service bays, which saves the owner energy costs. Outside air is delivered through a natural gas makeup air unit. Proctor Mechanical learned from a previous project that service areas constructed like this one get extremely warm in the summer. DX cooling was added to this unit to keep the employees comfortable in the summer. 


A CO/NO system consisting of intake louvers, control dampers and exhaust fans was installed to keep the employees protected from CO/NO levels. The upper level of the service area is heated with gas fired unit heaters.


The wash bay area is conditioned with gas fired infrared heaters. 


This project was built as economically as possible and still makes the employees comfort and safety a top priority. It was built on time and within budget. 

 Charles Gabus Car Wash & Service Bay 

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