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Proctor Mechanical provided the plumbing portion of this assisted living project.  This consisted of sanitary, greasy waste, storm water, domestic water, and natural gas systems.


The building consists of 96 private quarters, each with a private bathroom, throughout three wings surrounding one central core common area.  Plumbing mains were routed through the corridors, in tight ceiling spaces with branches to each room, allowing for isolation from the plumbing system, if ever necessary.

Each kitchen was required to be connected to the greasy waste system, which tied all the kitchens together before connecting to two 5,000 gallon grease interceptors located outside the building footprint.  

Plumbing was provided in each wing to serve public restrooms, staff facilities, and spa areas with one of the wings providing a salon, wellness center, and rehabilitation center.


Proctor Mechanical provided 105 connections from downspouts to the storm water utility system as well as the domestic water service connections consisting of one 6” pipe and one 4” pipe.

Ankeny Assisted Living Community

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